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ProForce® Ultimate Escrima Stick

ProForce® Ultimate Escrima Stick

SKU: PF_1934
  • Lightweight durable rattan escrima stick
  • Traditional with skin included
  • Holographic ends catch light during demos
  • Perfect for contact drills and stick fighting
  • 28" long and 1" thick
  • Traditional Filipino style.
  • Sold individually
  • Escrima Stick Buying Guide

    Escrima originated in the Philippines as early as 1521. Referred to as "stick fighting," Escrima uses special sticks as weapons. There are different types of sticks designated for specific purposes, such as for demonstrations or training, so it's important that you choose the right ones for your activity. You wouldn't want to bring practice sticks to a competition, for example. Additionally, you want to choose high-quality products like those available from Asian World of Martial Arts (AWMA) to ensure they don't break when you're counting on them. Poorly made sticks could cause unintended injuries to you or your opponent. And, for a full-contact martial art and sport involving weapons like Escrima, the potential for injury exists anytime you spar or compete. Invest in your safety by choosing only the very best protective gear.

    Demand Top-Quality Construction

    Every piece of AWMA gear used in combat sports like Escrima sees a lot of action. That is why choosing well-constructed pieces is so important. Although cheaper gear is easy to find, it lacks durability and requires frequent replacement, ultimately costing more. In fact, poorly made sticks may break during the first use. Pay close attention to the material of which they are made as this often determines what purposes they are made to withstand.

    Choose the Right Sticks

    Not all sticks are designed for fighting. Some are made for demonstrating, practicing, and training. Most are sold individually but some, such as the Rattan Escrima are offered in pairs. They are constructed from a variety of materials, such as bamboo, fiberglass, pine, and even foam. It's necessary to ascertain which type you require for your intended purpose. ProForce® Pine Wood Escrima sticks, for example, are 26 inches long, ¾ of an inch in diameter, and have grips for easy handling. These sticks are lightweight and ideal for beginners and for training.

    AWMA offers several other stick/sword items of interest to the escrima practitioner.

    The 26-inch long Black Foam Practice Escrima has a hollow plastic core covered with ¼ inch black foam. It features a gold dragon printed in the stick center.

    The Combat by ProForce™ Flex-foam Training Swords are 38.5 inches long, with flex-foam padding, a padded handle and tsuba, and a reinforced nylon cover shell. They are available in red and black.

    The new ProForce® Foam Chanbara Swords have a flexible polypropylene center core with soft shock absorbing EVA foam padding at the handle.

    Know What Is Available

    Whether you're comparing sticks for use in demonstration, tournaments, or training, AWMA offers quality Escrima equipment in a variety of colors, materials, and styles. We carry sticks made from foam and natural wood options including bamboo, cocobolo, pine, and rattan in a range of lengths for practice or competition. There are also several styles available with added details like grips, handles, and holographic ends.

    Although martial arts equipment can be somewhat of a costly investment, buying good-quality products provides protection and peace of mind that make them worth the cost. Borrowing from the club or gym, buying previously owned sticks, or sharing with a teammate has some drawbacks. When you use gear that someone else has already used, you don't know exactly what sort of action it has seen or wear it has experienced. In addition, Escrima sticks that are used by multiple people are more likely to deteriorate faster than those owned and used by one person. Pair your choice of stick with a ProForce® Deluxe Nylon Escrima Case to keep your investment protected between matches.

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