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What's In A Name?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

What’s in a name, you ask? A lot, and yet not a whole lot. We named our company Lacrimae Rerum – The Tears of Things or The Poignancy of Things - as it came to be during a time period of great changes in our personal lives. Does that mean a whole lot? No, not really, at least not to anybody else. But for those of us who underwent life-changing, stressful and poignant episodes, it leaves a mark, a reminder of the whos, wheres, hows and whys in our lives. As Shakespeare wrote candidly in Romeo and Juliet, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

In the same token, we would like our company to represent positivity and helpful influence; it is a part of our mission to make a difference in somebody's life. Just like a person’s, a name happens to be the first and demonstrably, essential item one can remember and some say, determine how one is perceived - good or bad. We will strive to achieve our goals and one of the aims of this blog section is to help those who wish to help themselves. We will keep at it, not to make a name, but for what we represent. Making a difference one life at a time.

Life is full of ups and downs – progress and hellos, losses and goodbyes. So, what now? We will be posting articles and blogs on personal development, health and self-help. This is not a feel-good website; this is an if-you-cannot-help-please-get-out-of-the-way blog. We will push for financial literacy, personal finance, work-life balance and work management, health and first aid, death and dying with dignity, and a lot of things in between. We are also open to suggestions to any topic you would wish us to cover, within reason, of course.

We will post or repost, as part of our program, blogs dedicated to Compassion International at least once a month. We realize that not everybody shares the same belief, but with the exception of pedophiles, we would like to believe that most folks would like to see kids have a fighting chance to grow up into productive adults. Even the late George H. W. Bush had sponsored a child through Compassion International for a long time (even though his Secret Service details were not too happy about it for obvious reasons). If there is one thing we will ask of you, it will be to sponsor a child through Compassion International or donate to their cause (it will go to whichever program is deemed to be most in need).

As an side note: first, we will not be selling products on this section, what you read is what you get, nothing less, nothing more and what you do with it is up to you; however, there may be a few necessary references which we will hyperlinked - rest assured that I have vetted these and found these to be useful or helpful. Second, we do sell on various platforms but we will not use this blog to stage our products. We will, nevertheless, post a link to our stores at the bottom of our blogs. And lastly, the nature of motivation, self-help and personal development is highly subjective, so YMMV and caveat emptor.

Now that we got the serious stuff out of the way, away we go! If you are in the frame of mind that life is a canvas, start painting! If you think you are a traveler, take that first step! The journey begins now! What are you waiting for?

With these thoughts in mind, we leave you for now. We look forward to sharing with you a bounty of helpful topics, how-to’s and essays! Keep your social distance, stay at home when directed to and take care of yourselves, my friends.


DISCLOSURE: **There will be occasions when I will link an item(s) or reference and hyperlink another site, just be aware that I may get a small fee as an affiliate if you make a purchase. Most of this will be donated to Compassion International or one of its programs.**


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